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    1 - Respect all players

    2 - No racism

    3 - No homophobia

    4 - No 18+ Content

    5 - Do not attempt to harm/lag/break the server.

    6 - English is mandatory.

    7 - Do not prop climb/surf/kill/trap/block/bridge

    8 - Do not use any sort of scripts, like BHopping scripts, automatic clickers etc.

    9 - Do not spam any sort of chats

    10 - Do not abuse spawn protection/PvP restricted areas

    11 - Do not mess with staff who are on duty/taking a sit.

    12 - Do not beg for sits/staff attention in OOC

    13 - Do not ban evade, such as using alternate accounts

    14 - Do not break NLR

    15 - Do not RDM

    16 - Do not leave the server/walk away while in a sit/being warned by a staff (LTAP)

    17 - Do not RDA

    18 - Do not break FearRP, if someone points a gun at you, do not pull out a gun

    19 - Do not Meta RP (Do not RP in OOC, Only RP in advert)

    20 - Do not break 'NITRP', which means No Intention To RolePlay

    21 - You cannot set someone as AOS for breaking rules

    22 - You cannot kill/harm someone for breaking rules

    23 - Do not microphone spam

    24 - Do not joke/attempt to DDOS/DOX someone. This will result in a perma ban

    25 - Do not disconnect/change jobs/suicide/break a rule to get out of an RP situation

    26 - KOS signs can only take affect inside your property/base

    27 - Do not argue/use mass caps in OOC

    28 - After being tazed, you cannot pull out a gun.

    29 - Don't combine adverts (assist/over/raid)

    30 - Do not complain in OOC

    31 - Do not destroy/damage a car at random

    32 - Do not build during a raid

    33 - You can only counter if you and other player are the same job/job team

    34 - You cannot scam someone. You must give them what they payed for.

    35 - Do not break CorruptRP

    36 -Hobos may not own doors/houses/apartments

    37 - Dealers cannot base with criminals.

    38 - Dealers can print money/bitmine, but only in their own base.

    39 - Do not job abuse.

    40 - Cripz and bloodz are not allowed to claim parts of the map.

    41 - As a kidnapper you cannot kidnap within the spawn zone, or near.

    42 - You cannot camp the war safe zone line.

    43 - You cannot hold a kidnap victim for longer than 10 minutes.

    44 - The maximum ransom for a kidnap victim is 20k.

    45 - You can only self supply guns if there are no other gun dealers.

    46 - As soon as a terrorist adverts terror. Everyone is KOS until the terrorist dies.

    47 - The mayor cannot own sources of income through entities. (Printers, etc)

    48 - Pets cannot own their own houses, they must live with an owner or on the street.

    49 - Do not break CorruptRP, this is when a government member breaks the laws.

    50 - As a government member, you cannot have printers.

    51 - As a mayor, you can only have 3 houses other the PD, to sell to other players.

    52 - The houses that the mayor sells must have a 'FOR SALE' sign.

    53 - The mayor cannot own his own personal home.

    54 - Government cannot kill other government.

    55 - Only use taser if a criminal is planning/begins to escape.

    56 - Government checkpoints must cater for both drivers and walkers.

    57 - Keypads must be in the open, clearly visible and easy to see.

    58 - Keypads must be connected to a door.

    59 - The max keypads per base is 10.

    60 - You must own all doors in a base.

    61 - Do not make double doors. (Keypad doors directly covering another door)

    62 - There MUST be space for a miner rack between doors.

    63 - If the prop can be shot through, it must be see through on both sides.

    64 - Do not make headshot tunnels/one way shooting gaps.

    65 - If a base has shooting gaps, the raider must be able to see you too.

    66 - Do not build on the streets. Hobos can build on sidewalks etc, but not roads.

    67 - Do not block off areas of the map.

    68 - All bases must be accessible.

    69 -You cannot RP with a building sign.

    70 - You cannot disturb someone with a building sign.

    71 - You cannot have any entities within your base if you have a building sign.

    72 - You cannot have crouch bases

    73 - You cannot leave a base with a building sign.

    75 - Gang wars do not have any effect inside the spawn war safe zone.

    76 - Wars only take effect when both gang leaders accept.

    77 - During a gang war you can only shoot opposing gang members.

    78 - Only Cripz, Bloodz and the Mafia and take place in gang wars.

    79 - Do not beg for staff assistance through OOC, use @

    80 - Do not annoy/disrupt a staff on duty

    81 - Staff on duty do not RP, you cannot kill one.

    82 - Do not base/place entities inside a building/property that is not specifically owned by you.

    83 - Do not spam the kill command in console.

    84 - If you are being dragged off by a staff member, DO NOT SUICIDE.

    85 - One way props are not allowed. These are 1 way walls/props that the defender can see through and shoot through

    86 - Bases which require props to get to are not allowed.

    WARNINGS (As explained in game):

    5 - Kick from the server

    10 - Temporary Ban

    20 - Permanent Ban

    Carjack - 15 minutes
    Raid - 15 minutes, 30 for same person
    Mug - 10 minutes
    Terror - 35 minutes
    Kidnap - 15 minutes, 30 for same person
    Gang War - 1 hour
    Counter - No cooldown
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